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GG Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce 775ml
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A traditional barbecue sauce that they could not keep for themselves in the Carolinas and the sauce of choice is at Whole Hog (very pig) barbecue. Recommended with pork chop and barbecue sausage, but also experiment with other meat such as chicken or pulled pork.

Ingredients: sugar, MUSTARD (33.5%), water, caster sugar, vinegar, salt, spice mixture (paprika, salt, onion, sugar, garlic, jalapeño pepper, paprika (smoked), chili (GLUTEN), pepper, fennel seed, cumin, smoke flavor) , vegetable hydrolysed protein (SOY), molasses, malt vinegar (GLUTEN), dextrose, herbs and spices, orange, aroma, coloring agent (Class III caramel, Bixine), food acid (Citric acid), preservative (Potassium hydrogen sulphite (SULFITE), Potassium sorbate), modified potato starch, garlic, curry (Contains MUSTARD)

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