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Enclosed Steel Rolling Cart - Combi
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This cart is the perfect item to work much more comfortably with our plancha. Fits perfectly with models Combi G60 and Combi P60, actually any size of plancha or counter top barbecue would fit as well thanks to the huge table surface. With enclosed design, it is fully constructed with Enamelled Steel, includes two front doors with inner storage for the gas bottle, two removable working side tables, medium double shelf for tools and charcoal, and more.


- Entirely constructed with Enamelled Steel.

- Strong and solid structure.

- "Push to open" front doors.

- Huge inner storage for gas bottle, tools, etc.

- Sliding-out side tables.

- 4 High resistant multidirectional wheels.

- Slots for gas hose or plug.

- Perfect for models Combi G60 and Combi P60, or any size of plancha.

- Colour: Black and white matt.


- Width: 230 cm.

- Width with side tables folded: 140 cm.

- Depth: 50 cm.

- Height: 99 cm.

- Weight: 73 kg.

- Warranty of 2 years.

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