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Polo 2.0 Gas Patio Heater
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World's first Polo 2.0 Gas Patio Heater Enders Colsman, the new generation of particularly compact and powerful gas heaters. The slim and sturdy Enders Polo 2.0 gas heater, with a diameter of only 38.5 cm and a height of 115 cm, provides a pleasant radiant heat diameter of 5 metres. In contrast to conventional heaters in a mushroom shape, the small compact heater heats in a targeted manner and exactly at seating height so as not to waste heat. This level of performance is thanks to an intelligent ENDUR reflection system, which emits infrared heat rays widely and in a highly efficient manner. It is registered for a patent due to its innovation.

- It has another heating advantage due to its height-adjustable, integrated wind protection, which protects the heater from interference by strong winds. At the same time, this wind protection serves as an outwardly insulating reflector and as a radiation enhancer inwardly. Up to 30% of the entire radiating area can thus be reliably covered by the aluminium reflector. This unique system was also registered for a utility patent.

Key Features:

- Radiant heat up to 5 metres in diameter.

- Gas, radiant heat burner made from alloyed stainless steel.

- Sleek and stable housing made from brushed stainless steel.

- Hinged door made from brushed stainless steel with a sturdy spring clip closure.

- Optimally protected operating elements inside of the housing.

- Stand foot made from coated steel.

- Easy handling due to coated transport handles.

- Moveable via fixed wheels.

- Wind protection that is height adjustable, integrated and registered for a utility patent.

- Outwardly insulating reflector acts as an inward heat radiation enhancer.

- Pre-assembled, gas pressure tested, connection hose for a 11 kg gas cylinder.

- Battery-free, reliable one-hand piezo ignition for an immediate start.

- Thermo-electric safety pilot for optimal safety.

- Automatic tipping safeguard.

- Gas shutdown after 45-degree gradient.

- Continuous power regulation from 3 – 6 kW.

- Up to 50 hours operating time with one gas cylinder.

- Structure size: Height 115 cm, foot Ø 50 cm.

- Weight: 14,5 Kg.

- Warranty: 2 years.

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