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Traeger Wood Pellet for BBQ 9 kg. Apple
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Wood Pellet for BBQ 9 kg. Apple

Traeger premium wood pellets are the best on the market. Made from 100% natural, food-grade hardwood, our pure pellets grant the perfect burn for optimal wood fired flavor. Made in the USA and overseen from sawmill to shelf, we provide the cleanest, healthiest fuel source available with endless flavor combinations.

To master the sport of cooking outdoors, natural hardwood is a game changer. We’ve dedicated over 30 years to establishing the recipe for pure, natural flavor from 100% hardwood, gathered from all over the U.S. Traeger's premium blend of hardwoods have the compressed cell structure necessary for a balanced, dependable burn. With Traeger Apple pellets, you’ll get a light, slightly fruity smoke flavor that will naturally enhance Veggies, Pork, and Chicken.

- Bag of 9,1 kg.

- 100% Natural.

- Great for Poultry, Pork, Baked Goods and Veggies.

- Made in USA.

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